Seitan stewed with mushrooms

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  • Seitan: 600 g
  • Fresh mushrooms: 300 g
  • White wine: 1 Cup
  • Garlic: 3
  • Onion: 1
  • Soy sauce: To taste
  • Olive oil: A wire
  • Salsa: taste.


Cut the seitan in thin slices.

Put marinate 30 minutes with the soy sauce and garlic.

Laminar the mushrooms and book.

In a pan, put the olive oil and chopped onions. Put the mushrooms and the seitan.

Let start cooking and pour in the white wine to cool off.

Bake for 25 minutes at low heat.

At the end add a sprig of chopped parsley, after turning off the heat.

Accompany it with a grain or a green salad.

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