Tuna steaks

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  • Tuna, fresh or frozen: 4 Steak
  • Vinegar: 1 Cup
  • Garlic: 4
  • Onions: 2
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.
  • Laurel: 2 Sheets
  • Olive oil: A wire


Make a marinade with the vinegar, garlic slices, bay leaf, salt and pepper and place the tuna to take taste, or, if that is the case, to unfreeze for a few hours. Fry the steaks tuna in olive oil and remove to a plate.

Put the onions in the oil, leaving it to fry until they become transparent. Join the new tuna steaks and baste with marinade.

Let investigate a little and serve with baked potato and a salad.

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