Soup Stone

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  • coriander sauce: 1
  • bay leaf: 1
  • b garlic: 2
  • onions: 2
  • g of bacon: 150 g
  • g of potatoes: 750 g
  • sausage meat: 1
  • chorizo the black blood of the region): 1
  • ear pig: 1
  • liter of red beans: 1
  • salt and pepper


If the bean is of the year, does not need to be steeped. If it is hard, put in the sauce for a few hours. Scheldt and scrape up the ear pig. It takes the beans to boil in plenty of water along with the ear, (, bacon, onions, garlic and bay leaf. Season with salt and pepper. If necessary, add more water, you should always be to a boil. When the meat is cooked, remove and place in the pan, potatoes, cut in squares and the chopped coriander. Let cook the potatoes. So that if you remove the pan from the heat, place the meat previously cut to bits and a stone well washed, that should go in the terrine.

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