Soup of green asparagus

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  • Green asparagus: 600 gr
  • Chopped onion: 300 gr
  • Garlic: 6 cloves minced
  • Sausage: 300 gr
  • Extra virgin olive oil: 1 dl
  • Egg: 3
  • Cubes of the roasted bread: 300 gr
  • Paprika: taste.
  • pepper mill
  • broth: taste.
  • water: to taste.
  • salt: taste.


Peel the asparagus and blanch them in boiling water. Cut the upper end of the asparagus and save both the parties and the water. Aloure, in a pan, the sausage in the olive oil. Save. Aloure the onion and the garlic in the same fat and cool with the water scald the asparagus. When it comes to the boil, add the bottom of the asparagus. Season with salt, pepper and paprika, leaving boil two to three minutes. Grind the preparation with the help of the magic wand. The preparation is going on medium-low heat and add the beaten eggs, stirring vigorously. Go to the table accompanied with slices of sausage, cubes of the roasted bread and decorated with a pinch of paprika.

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