Soup Lacassá

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  • Shrimp: a pound (small)
  • Rice flour Mai Fan: a package for two people
  • Onion: taste.
  • Balichão: taste.
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.


Wash and peel the prawns and season with salt and pepper. The shells of shrimp are cooked in a casserole and after coadas. Scald the flour. Then, make a estrugido of green onion and balichão (folder shrimp ground) and, when they are fried, come together, cameroon, broth, strained, and by the end of the dough of rice flour. As this mass absorbs very quickly broth, should not be lying all at once, so that it is not a formula instead of soup. This soup should be very spicy.

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