Gazpacho the Alentejo

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  • ripe tomatoes: 6
  • onion: 1
  • cucumbers: 2
  • red pepper: 1
  • Extra Virgin olive oil: taste.
  • Wine vinegar: taste.
  • Bread from the previous day: 300 g
  • salt: taste.
  • water very cold: to taste.
  • Olives to follow: to taste.


In a bowl, add the garlic with a little salt and step up to be broken. Then add Extra Virgin Olive oil, Wine Vinegar and stir with a spoon. This mixture is put tomatoes peeled and seedless, peeled cucumber without pevides, peppers and onions all cut to the cubes. Add water as well cool and sprinkle with oregano, add more salt if necessary, and check the seasoning to your liking. However cut the bread to the cubes and serve mixed with the gazpacho at the time of service.

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