Bean soup basking with pennyroyal

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  • Bean-friar cooked: 300 gr
  • Onion into cubes: 300 gr
  • Garlic: 3 teeth, laminated
  • Carrots in cubes: 300 gr
  • Potatoes into cubes: 300 gr
  • Carolino rice: 200 gr
  • Extra virgin olive oil 0,5: 0,5 dl
  • Pennyroyal: 1 sauce
  • Water baked beans: to taste.
  • pepper mill
  • salt: taste.


Boil the water of the bean and go adding various ingredients, according to its cooking (carrots, potatoes and rice, onion, garlic, and beans). Cook and check the seasoning. Add the pennyroyal at the end of cooking time, when you delete a fire. Estimated revenue for 10 people.

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