Smoked salmon home

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  • Salmon (4.5 kg (fillet): 1
  • Salt fine: 2 kg
  • Demerara sugar dark: 2 kg
  • Ground pepper: 10 g
  • Lemon: 1
  • Orange: 1
  • Coriander sauce (feet): 1


Mix the salt and sugar, the skin of citrus zest, and the feet, coriander very finely chopped, and the ground pepper. Involve the fillets in the cure, shoot tight, and put a tray, with another on top, and some weight, to press and accelerate healing. After two days in the fridge, washing and drying as well. Put on a board on top of a network (a board which give to close hermetically sealed, very important!) Catch fire from a pine cone wide open, for three or four minutes. Put on the board, she moved away from fillets of salmon, and immediately close the tray, to extinguish the fire and make the most of smoke. Stop smoking for a day. Removing and storing in the cold for at least one night, capped and isolated from les. Laminar and serve with trim the taste.

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