Shrimp salad with mango and papaya

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  • Shrimp: 200 gr
  • Sleeve: 100 gr
  • Papaya: 100 gr
  • Chives: taste.
  • Lettuce varied: 100 gr
  • Vinaigrette mustard seed: to taste.
  • Salt: 200 gr
  • Pepper: taste.


Cook the shrimp and refresh with cold water to cut the cooking time. Peel, leaving only the tail of the tail. Peel the fruit, remove seeds and cut into cubes 1 cm. Book. With the help of a pair of scissors or a very sharp knife cut the onions quite thin. Book. Arrange the lettuce and if it is necessary to cut them into smaller pieces. Season fruits and lettuce with a little vinaigrette, mustard, salt and pepper. The sea water is ideal for boiling shrimp. In the absence of this, choose the salting very well water (30 to 40 g of salt per litre) and bring to the boil. Enter the shrimp in a passer large network and so the water back to the boil and the shrimp are pink, remove them and pass them quickly by cold water. To cool more quickly spread them out on a flat surface. Recipe for 4 people.

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