Salad will Alsaciana

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  • White beans, dry: 200 gr
  • Lentils: 200 gr
  • Potato: 4
  • Trunk white celery: 1
  • Smoked herring: 1
  • Radish: 1 sauce
  • Cucumber, vinegar: 50 gr
  • Salt: taste.
  • Mayonnaise sauce: to taste.
  • olive oil
  • pepper: taste.
  • vinegar: taste.


Prepare the herring, smoked, raising the fillets that if they cut into bits and leave in olive oil, for one hour. Mix the boiled beans and dried, with the lentils are also treated, and the boiled potatoes, peeled and cut in squares, joining the radishes cut in pieces, celery, chopped, and fillets of herring. Joins salt , vinegar and ground pepper and leave to stand two hours in the refrigerator. Pour this prepared the ingredients in a bowl or on a plate and cover with the sauce of mayonnaise and adorns the upper part with the cucumbers, cut slices.

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