Salad Shitake

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  • Sauce Pesto:
  • Apricot dry:
  • Carrot, cut into strips:
  • Green apple:
  • Cashew nuts:
  • Radishes:
  • Mix of lettuce:
  • toasted bread: slices
  • Goat cheese with pistachos:
  • Shitake mushrooms:
  • Tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil and basil:
  • Butter:
  • Olive oil:
  • Garlic:
  • Flower of salt:
  • Soy:
  • Sake:


Prepare to one of the sides of a square plate, a lot with the mix of leaves, radishes, dried apricots cut into strips, carrots, sprinkle with a little olive oil. Undo the goat cheese and join the pistachos parties, to put this mass in the middle of the mix of lettuce. However stir-fry the shitake mushrooms in butter with a little soy and sake.

Spreads the three toast with garlic and on top of each place the tomatoes cut into cubes, stir fry lightly in olive oil with basil leaves (2 minutes aproximadante).

Next to each toast put a slice of apple green. Spread the cashew nuts and sprinkle everything with sauce pesto. This sauce pesto is made with basil leaves and cashew nuts, trampled in a mortar and olive oil to taste.

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