Salad of spinach, feta, bacon and mushrooms

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  • Balsamic vinegar: 2 Tbsp
  • Olive oil: 2 Tbsp
  • Mushrooms: 300 g
  • Feta cheese Salsakis: 1 Bottle
  • Bacon to the square: 250 g
  • Spinach, washed and ready-to-eat: 1 Package
  • Flower of salt: taste.
  • Black pepper, freshly grind: taste.


1. In a frying pan hot, add the bacon and fry until well crispy. Add the mushrooms and leave to stew. Drain the water and fat for your dates and book.

2. Open the package spinach, and throw them in a bowl. Remove from the inside of the bottle, and with the help of a fork, the pieces of cheese and add to spinach. Mix also the bacon and mushrooms.

3. Season with the oil of cheese (do not use the whole, just a little), the olive oil, the vinegar, the flower of salt and black pepper, freshly grind.

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