Salad of Cod Raw Chipped, Lettuce Beaded, Pine nuts and Vinaigrette Peppers

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  • Pinion Portuguese: 5 gr
  • Red tomatoes salad: 10 gr
  • Corn yellow homemade: 20 gr
  • White wine vinegar home: to taste.
  • Balsamic vinegar of modena: taste.
  • Red pepper: 30 gr.
  • Green pepper: 30 gr.
  • Virgin olive oil 0,7 acidity of Mirandela: 50 cl
  • Cod loin already high steeped: 100 gr
  • Fresh parsley: 5 gr
  • Onion: 5 gr (sting mosey)
  • Salt: 5 gr


Challenges, roughly, the cod has already steeped and ready-to-use, removing skins and bones. Cock-if the onion finely and a raminha of fresh salsa of the day. Marina cod with olive Mrandela and add the onions, the parsley and the half a tooth garlic, already stung. Add a little salt, only if it is necessary. Moves the entire mixture and add the white wine vinegar home, proof and add more vinegar if necessary. Clean the green peppers and red, cut in squares very small. Bypasses with a little olive oil of Mirandela and put it in a bowl, adding a little more olive oil Mirandela cold, mixing the balsamic vinegar and refined salt to taste. Wash them very well lettuce beaded, using the leaves smaller. Cut the corn yellow that was already one day to another in two very thin slices. After being cut, they are dried in the oven to 70c, during 20 minutes, getting crispy. Joined by two feet, beautiful, salsa fresh whole to decorate the dish. Cut the tomato salad in her small, and adds, also, and only, the oil of Portland and salt, reserving for plating. Plating Have 3 lettuce leaves beaded well in the center of the plate, and on top of a triangular shape with rounded lateral, for plating. Filled with the mixture of cod and pants slightly, leaving at the top cod more loose. Takes the shape and the cod will be with this same format. At the top of the cod, the guthrie parsley to decorate and to ½ teaspoon of tomato to the cubes with olive oil. To finish the dish, put-if 6 pine nuts scattered around and a vinaigrette sauce of green peppers with balsamic vinegar. Wind up with a few more cubes with tomato type of oil splashes on the plate. Servings: 1

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