Pork with clams

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  • 1 kg of pork loin
  • 2 kg of clams
  • lard, salt, Garlic, bay leaf, pepper, vinegar, dry white wine, paprika, coriander and lemon, q. b.


Cut the meat into small pieces, wash, season with garlic smack-DAB, Bay leaves, paprika, salt, vinegar and struck another wine. Let marinate at the next day. Trickle down and frying in lard, stirring them and returning them to corarem, joining them, little by little, the l liquid from the marinade. Almost time to serve, pour the am ijoas with the Peel, duly washed, cover the Pan and shake it every once in a while.

Served as soon as the am ijoas open, without the boil is the harden, and sprinkling with chopped coriander and pepper mo on occasion, adding also the lim wire the

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