Quiche Sausages and Ham

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  • The basis of mass broken: 1
  • Sausage Junior: 1 Tin
  • Ham chicken: 1 thick Slice
  • Mushroom: 1 Tin
  • Egg: 5
  • Cream: 1 Package
  • Milk: 1 Cup
  • Grated cheese: taste.
  • Salt: taste.


First place-if the basis of the mass broken in a tarteira background removable. On top of this we place the sausages cut slices and ham cut to the squares, the mushrooms and the grated cheese.

Then we put together the eggs with the package of cream and milk. Temperamos with a pinch of salt. Throw this prepared by the top of the pie and bake it in the oven to bake, 180, about 45 minutes.

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