Tartelettes Almond

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  • Tartelettes
  • Egg: 1
  • Sugar: 100 g
  • Butter: 100 g
  • Milk: 3 tablespoons
  • Flour: 150 g
  • Yeast: 1/2 teaspoon
  • Coverage
  • Almond: 100 g
  • Sugar: 100 g
  • Butter: 125 g
  • Milk: 3 tablespoons



Add the butter slightly softened and sugar. Beat well. Add yolks and beat. Add the milk and beat. Sift the flour prepared. Mix well until a smooth paste is homogeneous. Cut paper plant in small circles to cover the base of the forms. Put the filling in the forms. Repeat for all forms. Put in the oven for 15 minutes 170ºC.

The mass of the pie should be only slightly cooked.

Coverage: combine all ingredients in a pan. Bring to simmer and stir until create a thick cream. Smooth the cake with a knife. Remove the part that is left. Put the filling. Repeat for all. Put in the oven until the coverage stay toast.

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