Pie cream

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  • Condensed milk: 1 tin of 370 g
  • Cream: 3 packages
  • Gelatin colorless: 6 sheets
  • Wafer Mary ground: to taste.


Start by soaking in cold water and gelatin is torn in pieces. In a saucepan, place half of the condensed milk, and gelatin, as well drained.

Cook over very low heat. However, put the other half of the milk in the bowl of the robot, together with the cream. Turn on the average speed.

In the heat, stir the milk so that it does not take to the fund and until gelatin is to dilute completely. Remove from the heat.

When you check that the mixture of cream starts to get creamy go adding, slowly, the condensed milk warm.

Do not stop beating. The preparation is ready when you feel that it is a little bit thick.

Throw in a form of a pie in which the fund must be previously sprinkled with wafer mary ground. Sprinkle the surface of the wafer. Take it to the refrigerator up to solidify.

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