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  • The basis of the pie pastry: 1 packaging
  • Grain: taste.
  • Broccoli: taste.
  • Grated carrot: taste.
  • Eggs: 3
  • Tuna: 3 cans
  • Cheese flemish: 3 slices
  • Béchamel sauce: 200 ml


Roll out dough into a form of English cake, keeping the parchment paper, and pricking the fund with a fork.

Cook the eggs together with the broccoli.

In a frying pan, add the tuna and the grain and the grated carrot. After all is ready mount the way.

Break the eggs into slices and put in the background. Over the mixture of tuna. On top of the cooked broccoli, cheese party in pieces.

Drizzle with the bechamel sauce and close the mass. Light to medium oven until cooked and douradinha.

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