Meat, wine and garlic

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  • 1 Kg of pork
  • (with some fat)
  • 2 cups of grape vinegar
  • Coarse salt to taste.
  • 10 garlic (teeth)
  • Slices of bread to taste.
  • Laurel
  • Pepper,
  • mangerona,
  • winter savory


Cut the meat to the square and down the sal.No next day to do the marinated with vinegar, garlic, bay leaf, pepper and herbs.

Pour the meat and leave to marinate for at least three days, in a púcara of clay. Will the fry with the marinade that after going to the track for the bread that is fried in fat cooking, sweet potato, baked, fried corn and orange slices. It also serves as a companion Meat, Wine and Garlic Old-fashioned (Canico).

The pork is put into wine, vinegar (half of each), garlic, salt, bay leaf and pepper, at least during 3 days.

The meat without the sauce, is placed in the pan, and will the esturgir (fry). Stir constantly to avoid preach in the background. When you have well-lourinha remove from the pan to a serving platter. As has a lot of fat meat and makes a lot of lard removing a little of this lard for a cup that after hard it is good to taste bread, or to put in soups.

After removing the fat that you see in excess, pour a little water to cook the vegetables. A lot of onions, a lot of carrot and very turnip, all cut into slices. When the carrots and turnip are almost cooked, put back the meat in the pan, over the vegetables to the meat to finish baking. Proof to see if it is good salt and fixes taste, if necessary.

After you pour the water already hot, and enough to wet the slices of bread which was intended to serve according to the number of people. The bread is wet on one side and another, and put on a serving platter. If you stay sauce flows-or wet-if more bread, so you will not be sauce. Back to put all the slices of bread in the pot on the meat and vegetables, and let simmer over 5/10 minutos.Serve hot... it Is very tasty...

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