Meat Nobility Portugal

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  • 300gr beef without the bone
  • 300gr the heart of chicken
  • 300gr pork
  • 300gr chicken breast
  • 300gr bacon
  • 300gr spring wiener or linguíça
  • salt to taste
  • onions, sliced into rings


Cut all the meat into cubes average, less the heart of frangoe the spring wiener (book). Here in the South of Portugal we use prepare in a discode plow, for grilled on a stove, it is not nofogão. Because the typical cuisine of the Gaucho. Put a little of bacon on the disk to fry the other meat in fat.

In order to put the beef for frying, after the chicken, aflesh pork, the spring wiener whole, and when you are fried cut it into slices and finally the hearts of chicken only paracelar not to be duros.Ir putting the bacon along with asoutras meat to go frying. In the end, with all the meat is well cooked and golden cut a large onion in rings and let lamurchar and is ready for the struggle of meat Gaucho.

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