Capon to Freamunde

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  • 1 capon, with a weight of between 6 to 8 Kg
  • white wine from the good
  • sea salt
  • white pepper
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 dl of olive oil
  • 8 cloves of garlic, peeled and esmurrados
  • laurel


I got the copse that barrei with a folder that I made with the salt, pepper, garlic, laurel and olive oil.

Then I put the thing inside a plastic bag and regei with the white wine and juice from the lemon. I closed my well the bag that I took him to the refrigerator for a day to the next! I was always turning the bag to the copse take like all equal!

More Ingredients:

- the liver and gizzard of the capon

- 250 g of meat ground beef

- ham

- bacon

- salsa

- sea salt

- 1 onion

- pepper

- olive oil

- 3 tablespoons of flour corn

Put the chopped onions and parsley in a pan with the olive oil.

I left only until the onion is translucent after I joined the minced meat, the gizzard sting and the ham and Bacon, chopped. And let it cook always simmer, temperei with salt and pepper.

When it is cooked joined the liver undone with a fork and I left to harmonize flavors. Finally I put the flour of corn, and involved as well to make the farofa. Recheei the copse, and pitched me into a surgeon and cozi the bug to the stuffing out.

I put the cap on a board of clay and I put a little bit of the vineyard of garlic that he has been involved in and took it to the oven to 90 C for 1 hour, at the end of that time, hsin tien city with foil and increased the oven to 180.

After 1 hour I put a small potatoes, and I left end of baking, when the potatoes are baked the cap is also.


while the copse roasted I was jabbing the meat with a toothpick and cover with the sauce, which was formed. Not piquei with a fork, because from what I have read you should not, because the fork having teeth thicker can stick to your skin, you don't want! My I've done the work perfect because it does not bored!

Serve with some boiled turnip and rice in the oven is very simple but delicious. I did so: I have set, 1 l of hot water in a clay pot rice, cut two small onions to the thinly sliced, put a sheet of laurel temperei with salt and I put 200 g of rice, just stood there and took it to the oven to 180, until the onion to come up and the rice to be cozido.Para acquire the respective cap will have to go to Freamunde on the 13th of December to the traditional Fair of the Woods.

1 Capon gives to about 4 to 6 people depend on the mouth.

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