Crumble hake

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  • Medallions of hake: 2 Packaging
  • Leek: 1
  • Black olives pitted: The taste
  • Breads small and hard: 2 3
  • Small onion: 1
  • Garlic: 2
  • Thyme: taste.
  • Salsa: 1 Branch
  • Ginger powder: A pinch
  • Cardamom: 1 Teaspoon
  • Lemon juice: 1 (lemon)
  • Cream: 1 Package
  • Olive oil: taste.
  • Salt and ground pepper: taste.


Season in advance the medallions with salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom and lemon juice. In the chopping machine start by chopping the bread, after the French garlic, olives with the garlic and the onion, everything separately and crudely. In a large bowl combine all ingredients chopped, and engage with olive oil.

Season with salt and perfume with the thyme and parsley chopped. On an oven tray, place the medallions strain the marinade.

Cover with whipped cream and sprinkle the mixture of bread on top. Put in the oven pre-heated to 180.ºC about 30 minutes or until the coverage to be douradinha. Keep up with chips to the cubes.

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