Backpack mass brick with cod, foam grain and olive oil with coriander

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  • Mass brick: 4 sheets
  • Cod cooked and chipped: 200 g
  • Chopped onion: 50 g
  • Garlic, chopped fine: 1 tooth
  • Laurel: 1 sheet
  • Virgin olive oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Water from the cooking of the cod: 100 g
  • Grain cooked: 100 g
  • Agar Agar: 5 g
  • Coriander: 50 sheets
  • Extra virgin olive oil: 100 ml
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.
  • Flower of salt: taste.


Boil the water for cooking cod and add the agar agar, stir well and add to the grain. Put everything in a shaker and reduce until you get a texture of a cream. Correct the seasoning and pour it through a sieve fine. Place in a siphon and hit with two charges.

Crush the leaves of coriander with the olive oil and a little salt flower. With the help of a few ways, take the dough brick oven strokes with a little bit of clarified butter should form a small boxes. Saute the garlic and the onion with a drizzle of olive oil and the bay leaf. Let it cook until translucent but not brown. Add the cod, remove the bay leaf and correct the seasoning with salt.

Heat the siphon in a water bath until you reach approximately 70c. Place the prepared cod within the “box” of mass brick, alternating with the foam of grain. Finish with the olive oil with coriander and serve immediately.

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