Velvet pistáchio

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  • Crealto: 2 capsules (2X40 ml)
  • Hot water: 20 ml
  • Milk pistáchio
  • Pistáchios roasted: 30 g
  • Skimmed: 125 ml
  • Foam cardamom
  • Milk: 80 ml
  • Cardamom: 10 seeds
  • Sugar: 1 tablespoon


Prepare the milk pistáchio mixing the pistáchios roasted with the milk. Coe for your dates and book 50 ml of the preparation. Heat 80 ml of milk in a pan with the 10 cardamom seeds until boiling. Remove from the heat and let the infusion stand 10 minutes before the strain. To prepare the milk foam cardamom use the Aeroccino or the steam function of your páquina. Pour in the milk of pistáchio in the cup Lungo.

Prepare 2 Express Crealto and add 20 ml of hot water. To join, gently, coffee, milk pistáchio. Give the final touch to your drink covering it with the milk foam of cardamom.

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