Sparkling wine Sangria

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  • Bottle of sparkling wine: 1
  • Natural orange juice: 1/2 l
  • Refrigerant gas: 1/2 l
  • Port wine: 1 Cup
  • Sugar: The taste
  • Various fruits (peeled and chopped):
  • Lemon (juice): 1/2
  • The cinnamon stick: 3
  • Mint leaves: The taste
  • Lemon slices: taste.


Put it in a jar wide and fund the fruits already peeled and sliced. Verte part of the refrigerant gas (ex. seven up/sprite), the sugar, the Port wine, orange juice and lemon.

Then, add the cinnamon sticks and sparkling wine.

It has just to fill the jug with the carbonated soft drink and ice. Decorate with mint and lemon slices.

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