Vanilla cream with peach jam

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  • Baby's milk: 2.5 dl
  • Corn starch: 2 Tablespoons shallow soup
  • Egg (yolk): 1
  • Lemon (bark): 1
  • Vanilla pod: 1/4
  • Ripe peach: 1
  • Apple juice: 2 Tablespoons


Recommended age: from the age of 9 months

Calories per serving: 85 kcal

1 - Mix the milk with the corn starch and egg yolk. Add the lemon peel and vanilla pod to perfume the cream. Lightweight medium-low heat stirring regularly until it boils and get a velvety cream.

2 - Delete the lemon peel and vanilla pod and distribute the cream for tacinhas individual.

3 - Peel the peaches and chop it into small cubes. Take it to simmer also showered with apple juice. Let undo until you get a slight texture of jam and spoon over the tacinhas of vanilla cream with this prepared. Serve cold or warm.

As an alternative to the peach, and if the child you prefer, you can do this jam-mango, plum, papaya or pawpaw.

As a principle, food, this cream should not take sugar added since the compote of fruit will eventually make it appetizing. However, if the child find sweet little you can add, exceptionally, to the prepared initial one teaspoon of sugar.

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