The first pope of cereals with roasted banana

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  • Banana roasted: 1/2
  • Baby's milk: 150 ml
  • The first pope of cereals: 2-3 Spoons


1 - Bake banana whole and with bark in the oven and stove, pre-heated to 170 C, for about 15 minutes.

2 - Prepare the pope with the hot milk and add the crushed banana. If necessary, pass the wand-magic into the mix so that it is a cream more velvety. Offer the pope warm to the baby.

The introduction of the banana can do since the beginning of the diversification of food, but do not always have to be a simple banana crushed. Bake banana in the oven and, therefore, may obtain new scents for your baby to feel more tempted to appreciate the solid food.

Recommended age: from 4 months

Calories per serving: 207 kcal

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