Rabbit with rice and nabiças

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  • Rabbit meat clean (without the bone): 120 g
  • Olive oil: 1 Tablespoon
  • Garlic-French (the white part): 1/2
  • Clean sheets of nabiças: 50 g
  • Rice: 1 Cup of coffee
  • Mint: 2 Folhinhas


Recommended age: from 6 months

Calories per serving: 113 kcal

Cut the meat into small pieces and aloure it in warm olive oil.

Add the garlic-French, the leaves of the nabiças bites and a little water to leave to stew.

Rectify the amount of water if necessary, add the rice and aromatize with the folhinhas mint.

After all well-cooked, crush or serve the dish of the baby crushing carefully food with a fork.

The rabbit is a tasty meat that can be added to the diet of children from an early age. But give particular attention to their bones that are thin and have a tendency to shatter, clearing the meat thoroughly before cooking.

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