Ice cream fruit with yogurt, cereal

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  • Plums: 2
  • Strawberries: 2
  • Cherries: 6
  • Melon: 1/2
  • Banana: 1/2
  • Lemon juice: 1/2
  • Liquid yoghurts, cereals: 2
  • Cuvette ice: 1
  • Fresh mint: 2 Sheets


Recommended age: 2 years

Calories per serving: 136 kcal

Peel the fruit, remove the seeds and seeds, cut into pieces, sprinkle with lemon juice and place in the freezer until it is frozen.

Freeze also the liquid yoghurts, cereals (but do not forget to do pouring them to a cuvette, so that they are in small cubes).

At the time of serving, place all of the ingredients for ice in the glass of the mixer, add the leaves of mint as well washed and grind until everything is well broken.

Serve immediately.

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