Dessert of gelatin with yogurt and wafer

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  • Gelatin plant fruit: 1 Packaging
  • Natural yoghurt: 1
  • Maria Biscuits: 6


Recommended age: from 12 months

Calories per serving: 151 kcal

1 - Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the package and take it to the cold trap.

2 - After a very cold, and spoil, crush the gelatin with a fork and wrap it in the yogurt with the wafer slightly crushed.

3 - Serve in individual glasses, good, fresh and washed down with a little more of yoghurt to taste of the child.

To make this dessert even more colorful, use two jellies of different colors before preparing the mixture with the yogurt.

By having too many times in its composition (depending on the brand) with a high content of sugar and additives, it is recommended that the gelatin be introduced into the infant feeding carefully and sensibly.

Destine it to the dessert of the week it seems to us, however, a good option in the face of so many other much more sugary that are available in the market. We also recommend that if you use jell-o, derived from vegetable source (from seaweed agar-agar) and not those of animal origin, as they are much more interesting from a nutritional point of view.

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