Cheesecake papaya

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  • Papaya mature: 1 (approximately 200 g)
  • Yogurt natural: 2
  • Sheets of gelatin plant: 4
  • Maria Biscuits: 8


Recommended age: from 8-9 months

Calories per serving: 111 kcal

Peel the papaya, remove the seeds and grind it along with yoghurt.

Crush the biscuits to get a grainy regular, involving them a spoonful of yogurt and spread them out by the fund of 4 individual moulds of cheesecake.

Demolhe the leaves of gelatin in cold water and then pour a small amount of hot water. Add gelatin to the prepared fruit and get involved.

Arrange the prepared earlier on the wafer, and take it to the cold. When you are ready, unmold and decorate cheerful and appetizing.

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