Beef with pasta cooked

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  • 360g of minced beef
  • 280g pasta
  • 200g tomato
  • 80 g onions
  • 120g carrot
  • 80g pepper
  • 20 g of garlic
  • 40ml olive oil


peel, wash and cut the onion into cubes, garlic, tomato, and cenoura.lave and cut the pemento in strips fininhas.Numa pan with a little water, place the onion, garlic, tomato, carrot oil(aside a little to the decoration end of the dish) minced meat and season with a little salt . Let refugar simmer until cooked.

Meanwhile cook the pasta in water previously heated .when is cooked coe and this ready-to-servir.Sirva on a plate the macaroni with minced meat. For dessert a banana (about 130g banana per person)

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