Cod with mussels and chickpeas

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  • Dried cod steeped.: 2 Loins central
  • Mussel: 500 g
  • Chickpeas pedrosillano: 100 g
  • Tomatoes for salad mature: 2
  • Basil: 1 Branch
  • Olive green:
  • Beet leaves baby:


- Swell the chickpeas and cook in water. Peel

- Save the cooking water (juice of the grain)

- Clean up the loins of skin and spine

- Scalding mussels (washed and brushed) in half a litre of water with a thread of white wine and a good hand salt

- Scalding cod for a minute, and add the mussels and dried

- Allow to cool a little, and poach (over very low heat) for ten minutes

- Let it stand and open

- Take the juice, and freeze. Let it defrost on top of a cloth-diaper (white cloth and fine) to take the juice clean

- Heat the grain, the cod and the core of mussel in the broth of the grain

- Plating and sprinkle with the broth of the cod. (“juice”clean)

- Squeeze the tomatoes and pour just the seeds to the top of the cod

- Sprinkle with an olive green, with some acidity - Decorate with beet leaves baby

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