Cod with bread

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  • Onion: taste.
  • Garlic: taste.
  • Laurel: taste.
  • Cod: 4 loins
  • Olive oil: taste.
  • Corn bread: taste.
  • Green beans, fresh or frozen:
  • Potatoes:


Make a good bed with the onion and the garlic in an earthenware vessel rectangular (should be the same a good bed...). Graphite sheet of laurel and spread.

Arrange the loins or put cod calculating doses depending on the number of people (usually only use the slices of tenderloin previously soaked, which is divided into three. When you use rarely, the loins frozen, the loin per person is enough). Then crumble the bread of corn, removing the crusts, and go making the coverage homogeneous cod. This should be well covered and the core as well as compact.

As soon as you have a willing and finished to seal the cod with the ball, start to pour the olive oil. Choose a corner of the container, you will know that you have the right amount when the oil arise for the same in the other 3 corners of the container.

Should not pour the olive oil over the top of the bread

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