Cod Marialva

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  • Cod Norway: 500 g
  • Baked potato with skin: 75 g
  • Peppers: 100 g
  • Ham: 20 g
  • Sausage: 20 g
  • Turnip: 150 g
  • Port wine white dry (preference): 1 Cup
  • Hick roasted: 2 Slice


Fry in olive oil the fillet of cod. Open potatoes in a hole and filling with part of the mix of ham, sausage and peppers previously bitten. Stir-fry the greens in a frying pan with peppers, sausage and ham. Put the fried bread to serve bed cod and water the same sauce with cebolada, with the smell of white Port wine dry. Flanking with the stuffed potatoes and greens stir-fry.

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