Halibut with shrimp

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  • Filet of halibut: 1,5 kg
  • The delights of the sea: 1 package
  • The core shrimp: taste.
  • Olive oil: taste.
  • Tomato great: 1
  • Onion: 1
  • Garlic: 2 teeth
  • Knorr: 1 fish broth
  • Salt: very little
  • Fresh parsley: taste.
  • Lemon juice: taste.


On an oven tray place the chopped onion, tomato, without skin, garlic, a bit of olive oil and the fish stock esfarelado. Place fillets of fish already seasoned salt. After you join the delights of the sea, cut in cubes and the core of shrimp. By the end drizzle with lemon juice, a little more olive oil and parsley chopped fresh. Bake it in the oven to be baked.

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