Migas Christmas

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  • Milk: 2 dl
  • Vanilla: 1 pod
  • Crumb of bread: 500 g
  • Sugar: 1 kg
  • Water: 8 dl
  • Egg: 8
  • Cinnamon powder: to taste


Take the milk on the stove with the vanilla pod and bring to the boil. Blanch the piece of bread, as well esfarelado, with the milk and let it soften. Take the sugar over low heat with the water until it reaches the point of the road. Join the bread, previously squeezed and, stirring constantly, let resume to the boil.

Out of the fire and stirring constantly, add the egg yolks undone. Light again over low heat, stirring constantly, to cook the egg yolks, without, however, let boil. Pour the sweet on a plate with clay and smooth the surface with a spatula. Let it cool and garnish with cinnamon powder.

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