French toast

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  • For the French toast
  • Bread the day before: 1
  • Milk: 0,5 lt
  • Egg: 2
  • Oil: taste.
  • Sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle:
  • For the sauce
  • Sugar: 500 g
  • Water: 3 dl
  • Sweet Port wine: 1/2 cup


Cut the bread slices, obliquely, to make them taller, and with the thickness of a finger. Put on a baking tray and showering with cold milk, so that they are well soaked. Then beat the eggs.

You take on the slices of bread, squeeze a little between the palms of both hands, passing the well beaten egg and frying them in oil as hot as it turned out to be well lourinhas of both sides.

After fries, elusive and flour in well with the mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Sauce French toast: Mix the sugar with the water, it takes the heat and leave to simmer for three minutes. Joins the Port wine, bring to the boil and remove from heat. Serve cold.

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