Cake Greek Yogurt and Chocolate

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  • Sugar: 300 g
  • Flour: 350 g
  • Cocoa powder: 30 g
  • Butter: 80 g
  • Eggs: 3
  • Greek yogurt: 1
  • Salt: a pinch


Separate the egg whites and yolks in a bowl.

Beat the egg whites.

Beat the sugar and the butter softened until they get a cream.

Add the egg yolks and beat .

Add the yogurt and hit.

Add sifted flour and involved.

Add the egg whites and involved.

Separate the cream into two bowls.

In one of them put the cocoa and involved.

Grease a form with butter and sprinkle with flour.

To make the partitions put aluminium rims.

Put the cream of chocolate at the edges and in the center.

Smooth with a small spoon.

Put the cream normal.

Carefully pull off the hoops.

Put in the oven for 40 minutes at 170 C.

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