Hick with dried fruit

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  • Water: 405 ml
  • Salt: 2 coffee Spoons
  • Sugar: 1 Tablespoon
  • White flour: 560 g
  • Rye flour: 130 g
  • Baker's yeast: 2 coffee Spoons
  • Walnut kernels: 150 g
  • The kernels of hazelnuts: 150 g


For 1 kg of bread:

1. Pour the water in the bowl of the machine to make bread Tefal. Add the salt. Then, add the sugar, white flour, rye flour and the baker's yeast.

2. Place the bowl in the dishwasher. Close it and set menu (2). When the machine beeps, add the walnuts and hazelnuts, chopped.

3. To close the machine, and then continue the cooking process by following the instructions of the manufacturer.

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