Bread Steam Varoma

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  • Sugar: 40 g
  • Water: 740 g
  • Baker's yeast, dry 1/2 sachet (5 g)
  • Flour type 65: 400 g
  • Whole-wheat flour: 50 g
  • Salt: taste.
  • Oil: 5 g


1. Place in the cup of the sugar and spray 5 sec/speed 9.

2. Add 240 g of water, yeast, and schedule 1 min/37oc/level 3.

3. Stir in the flour, salt and mix 30 sec/speed 6.

4. Pour in the oil and schedule 2 min./ /tech .

5. Remove the dough and divide it in half. Extend a half of the dough, shape into a roll and cut into 8 equal parts with the help of the spatula and form balls.

6. In Varoma previously greased with oil, put the dough balls.

7. Extend the other half of the dough, shape into a roll and cut into 10 equal parts, form balls and place them on the board of the Varoma previously greased with oil.

8. Let the dough baking powders about 30 minutes.

9. In the cup place the remaining 500 g of water, the Varoma with the board and program 30 min/Varoma/level 2.

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