Porridge with pumpkin

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  • Pumpkin: 1
  • Corn flour: 1/3 kg
  • Butter pig: 1 scoop
  • Salt: taste.


Choose a pumpkin, preferably a girl, or a pumpkin, sweet, that the more mature, more sweet will make the popes. Opens, cut into slices and clean the seeds and skin. Wash and cut the slices into smaller pieces to a pot, cover them with water. Joins salt to taste., a spoon of butter, pork and take it on the stove to cook very well. After well cooked, drains the water-sobrante and grinding the pumpkin very well, together with the flour of corn previously sifted, stirring all with a wooden spoon or a “mexedoiro”. You will always stirring and holding on to heat up to take the desired consistency. When the pumpkin is not very sweet, there are those who will add a bit of sugar, and sometimes also a post of cinnamon. Serve in a bowl or plate, with greaves of bluetongue in corsica, france pork or carapauzinhos baked on the grill. In the past when there were one day to the other, it was common to be cut into small pieces and heated in a pan, slightly greased with butter, pork or even olive oil.

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