Foie gras with nuts and fennel

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  • Whole Foie gras (lobe higher): 400 f
  • Nuts: 20
  • Broth of poultry dark: 2 l
  • Wine of Tawny port: 200 ml
  • Fennel-bulb: 1
  • Pernod: 5 ml
  • Rice vinegar: 20 ml
  • Water: 20 ml
  • Sugar: 50 g


- Hit the nuts and put them in cold water for two hours.

- Sprinkle with salt and bake in the oven, or better, in the fireplace.

- Peel the core.

- Reduce the broth of poultry with the husks of the chestnut and the port wine, always without leave to boil (to avoid shells too burned) until you get a delicious sauce.

- Strain the sauce with a clean cloth or a colander fine for your dates and book.

- Lamine the fennel.

- Boil vinegar, water, and sugar and pour over the fennel, stuffing then.

- Bake the whole foie gras in the oven at 190, for ten minutes. Let it sit for five more.

- Heat in the sauce out the brains of brown.

- Drain the blades of fennel, and cut the foie gras still hot to the dish.

- Arrange the nuts and pour over the sauce.

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