Cream of chicken, timbale of sauteed vegetables, chicken breast smoked, emulsion coriander and ginger, meatball chicken with soy

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  • Flour to panar: 100 gr
  • crowns (breasts and wings) chicken little: 6
  • dried herbs to quit smoking:
  • garlic: 4 teeth
  • echalotas: 4
  • almond lâminada: 100 gr
  • Sauce soy: 50 ml
  • ginger: 3 gr
  • Cream (emulsion coriander): 80 ml
  • sauce, coriander (only sheets): ½
  • celery: 300 gr
  • Salsa: 20 gr
  • courgete: 150 gr
  • carrot: 400 gr
  • leek: 1
  • ceb


- With the carcasses of the chicken make a broth, using 100 g carrots, ½ onion, the green part of leek. - Cut in brumes in a pan (small cubes), 200 gr carrots, 150 g courgete, 150 gr celery bulb, sting echalotas and stir-fry with olive oil, season and add almond lâminada toasted, inform in aros. - For the cream, cut the rest of the vegetables, stir-frying in olive oil, add 4 chicken breasts cut off and add the chicken broth, let cook. - Shred well, go through a colander and temper. - For smoking chicken breast, put 4 boobs on a network fine, in a pot where you plug the network, place dried herbs (thyme, and rosemary), burns with a blowtorch, and cover with plastic wrap, and leave 1 hour, after a season and a frying pan with olive oil core (fry with low fat) on both sides and finish in the oven. - Emulsion, just boil the leaves of coriander, with a little bit of chicken broth, add the peeled fresh ginger, fresh cream and grinding. - For the meatballs chicken, chop 4 boobs finely, add simmered onions and chopped parsley, do small and panar, 1st flour, then egg, beaten, and by the end panko (breadcrumbs japanese). Cook in the oven. - Serve as in the photo.

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