One of the salmon and asparagus

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  • Soup, asparagus: 1/2 package
  • Onion: 1
  • Olive oil: taste.
  • Cream: 1 package
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.
  • Mass one: 400 g
  • Smoked salmon: 250 g
  • Asparagus: 1 bottle
  • Avocado, Carrot and shaved (to decorate): taste.


Place the dough on the baking with water and salt. While the dough to bake, to prepare, in a pan, soup, asparagus that once completed, is reserved.

In a frying pan, put a little olive oil and sprinkle the chopped onion to cook. When you are alourada join the salmon in sips and let cook. Join after the asparagus cut roughly, reserving the heads to the end to not desmancharem and not fidget too.

Add the cream mixed with the soup, asparagus and everything. Season with pepper and see if it is necessary to salt. Drain the pasta and come back and put in the pan.

We bring it all together. Serve adorning with the heads of the asparagus, carrot and avocado.

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