Diet Points

Created by endocrinologist USP, Alfredo Halpern, the Diet of points does not restrict any food thoroughly, including candies and chocolates. Instead, the diet of points assigns a certain amount of points for every food and every person, after a review has a certain daily points limit that must comply. So if a person eats a chocolate bar, during the day she will have to choose foods with lower points, such as fruits.

The advantages of the Diet of points are convenience, since it is easier to memorize points than calorie food, and also that the person is not prohibited from eating any food, since she compensates during the day by choosing lower calorie foods.

How It Works

The Diet of points is quite simple to follow. In practice, it is a diet that restricts the number of calories consumed in one day. Each point is equal to 3.6 calories. So instead you count the calories of food, count the points. For example, the recommended daily limit for most points is 320 points for a weight loss diet for women. These 320 points equals 1152 calories:. 320 x 3.6 = 1152 then wonders why no direct counting calories instead of turning them into points? Of course, anyone who wants can count the calories consumed and make the daily limit does not exceed 1152 or, to round off 1200 calories daily. But according to Dr. Halpern, points facilitate the process. Anyway, whatever counting points or calories, the result is the same.

Daily Limits Points

The daily limits generally used for those who follow the Diet of points are these: women: 320/330 points or 1152/1188 men calories: 400 points or 1440 calories.


As we have seen, the Diet of points is nothing more than a diet that is allowed to eat anything as long as the sum of calories consumed does not exceed a certain daily amount. If the limit is exceeded in a day, should be compensated by decreasing the calories in the following days so that the average is within the limit.