Dukan Diet

Success in Europe, the Dukan Diet promises quick weight loss and stop the yo-yo effect. If this is too little, be inspired by the lean curves Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez. The French menu is behind these silhouettes.

Rather than lose weight rapidly, diet time in Europe promises weight maintenance throughout life. And comes the magic phrase "eat without restriction." In part, it's true: you can get enough protein - the main nutrient (and virtually only) the attack phase, the first program consists of three stages (transition consolidation and stabilization). But before we find that the Dukan Diet is more a passenger scheme, know that the book sold 3.5 million copies in France in 2008 and now is out and about in England. The physician and nutrition specialist Pierre Dukan hopes to do the same success in the United States. In Brazil, the paperback version (Lose weight without Sacrifices, publisher Twelve Books) placed in bookstores last year also made noise, especially after the news that the French method helped Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez to slim down. The result is inspiring!

Diet Phase

Curious / o to know how it works? In the first phase of the diet, which can last from one to five days (you must calculate on the Dukan Diet site), gives to mop up eating 2 pounds lean beef, chicken and fish at will, and moderate portions of egg and cheese 0% fat yogurt and skim milk. And water, lots of water! Then you get the green light for vegetables and legumes (minus potatoes), and still losing weight - slowly, of course. But you can stay in this stage until you reach your goal in the balance. The third stage releases controlled fruit and breads and pasta portions. Refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta and biscuits made with white flour, low fiber) are left out. "They have a high glycemic index - viewed in the digestive process sugar very quickly, damaging the work of insulin, the hormone that cares to take glucose into the cells Thus, sugar remains in the circulation and the extra is stored as fat. "explains Alexandre Merheb nutrólogo of Merheb space in Rio de Janeiro. Just as the French doctor, Alexander argues start eating only protein diet - the goal is to restore the function of insulin and facilitate weight loss. The fourth and final step, the menu returns to have everything. But to not get fat again, there is a secret (you'll find below). Complicated? Not so! We explain below how it works in detail each phase of the diet. And, to facilitate the nutritionist Telma Akemi Hatanda also Merheb the space, set up menus based on the Dukan Diet, but with affordable food and closer to the taste of Brazil. And you're invited to put them into practice.